Brianna Battles – 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program


Brianna Battles – 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program

Brianna Battles - 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program

Brianna Battles – 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program


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If you are looking for a program to follow after having a baby, or know of someone who may benefit from this kind of guidance, be sure to check it out and pass it on! Remember, postpartum is forever, so you don’t have to be “early” postpartum to begin healing and improving strategy. symptoms, strength and overall movement habits.


Brianna Battles – 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program

Brianna Battles - 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program

So many athletes are eager to return to the gym after having a baby, but feel overwhelmed with what to do, what not to do, how to progress, how to regress and knowing how to listen to their body during such a vulnerable time.

Having a baby is a big deal and a postpartum body is healing, adapting and transitioning with each precious week!

There’s also a strong desire to feel more like ourselves, in the environment we love, doing exercise and movement that resonates with our heart, body and mind!

There is no one size fits all methodology or program, especially for postpartum athletes…

Implementing a new strategy that takes into account healing of the core and pelvic floor is fundamental for returning to desired levels of athleticism.

With the right education on adjusted training strategy, movement patterns, symptoms to be mindful of (Diastasis Recti, incontinence, prolapse, etc), the freedom to modify and gradual progression, you can tackle this overwhelming and unfamiliar chapter in athleticism.

The 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Program was created with an intimate awareness of an athlete’s mindset, healing body, and eagerness to return to the gym.

This digital program was designed in a way that helps set the foundation (weeks 1 & 2), reintegrates (week 3 & 4), builds to consistency (weeks 5 &6) and leads to confidence (7 & 8).

Course Includes:

A detailed downloadable PDF guide with complete programming

Demonstration videos for all exercises, including tips for the best movement strategy

A teaching video that provides an essential overview of postpartum athleticism strategy
Get ed now!

Course Features

This program is split into 4 training cycles of 2 weeks each. Each cycle builds upon the last one, which is why workouts are repeated within the 2-week mini cycle. Consistency and practice of strategy and movement patterns are critical for building a foundation.
Weeks 1 & 2: The Foundation

This phase is more of a mental workout than a physical one, however, you’re using simple movements to help learn the new strategies for rehabbing your postpartum body. Movement teaches, but your foundation is what sustains gradual progress.
Week 3 & 4: Reintegration

This phase builds upon the foundation of strategy and rehab and begins the reintegration int more traditional strength work and complementary accessory exercise. These movements may build familiarity, but should not be challenged with load or intensity, even if it feels good to be training in this capacity again.
Week 5 & 6: Consistency

Your strategy and routine have been established and now it’s time to focus on building into consistent application of your individual strategy, tendencies and movements. Focus on maintaining quality movement patterns and feeling more comfortable in your body for where it’s at right now.
Week 7 & 8 : Confidence

Your strength in strategy and movement has been built over the course of 6 weeks. You will begin to feel more confident in how to apply conscious effort of your core and pelvic health considerations to your choice of movement moving forward. You will find that with practice, it will become more automatic, which leads to confidence in knowing how to truly listen to your body.

“The 8 week Postpartum Training program saved my pelvic floor. I had 3 babies in just three & half years! As an avid fitness goer and CrossFitter it was extremely difficult to be kind to my postpartum body. Bri’s program made me “rehab” my internal muscles before allowing me “back into the game.” I am forever great full that I chose the Postpartum Training Program so that I can jump, run, and squat without any incontinence issues. I also knew that I needed to give myself a break from all of the trauma that my body had gone through with labor and delivery that many times in such a short period of time. Bri’s postpartum training program allowed me to get in touch with my postpartum body and be kind to myself as I discovered my newfound outlook on Fitness. As a certified personal trainer and a CrossFit coach I now feel comfortable talking with other prenatal and postpartum women about what their fitness journey should look like and refer them to this post partum training program when they are ready after birth. Thank you Bri!!”

– Ali K, Health & Wellness Management


This program is not intended for beginner athletes (it is assumed participants have some knowledge and experience with exercise).
It is HIGHLY recommended that an athlete gets an assessment by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist/Women’s Health Physiotherapist prior to ing this program or work in conjunction with one during participation.
An athlete should be cleared by their Doctor before beginning this program (usually 6 weeks postpartum).
This program should be completed as a stand-alone exercise program. It should NOT be done in conjunction with “extra” training.

Your Instructor

Brianna Battles
Brianna Battles

Brianna Battles is the CEO of Everyday Battles LLC. She specializes in coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes, as well as educating coaches on how to help athletes navigate the physical and mental considerations of athleticism during these chapters in a woman’s life. Brianna has online courses and resources for both fitness professionals and athletes and is the founder of the movement and online education, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism. She has built an international team of coaches who are equipped to work with pregnant and postpartum athletes.

Brianna is an advocate for women who want to train during pregnancy and make a sustainable return to performance, lifestyle, function, career and activity in the postpartum chapter. She has been able to accomplish this not just with her own coaching efforts, but by also educating coaches to do the same in their communities and online.

Brianna has a local strength and conditioning program but has shifted her focus to working online and traveling for seminars in an effort to reach a broader audience.

She has experience in coaching in Division 1 collegiate athletics, corporate wellness management, personal training, strength and conditioning, presenting, remote coaching, mentoring and habits.

Brianna has her Master’s Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration and her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She is an active member of the NSCA where she is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a USAW Sports Performance Coach. She has completed multiple continuing education courses and mentorships in the women’s health and strength and conditioning realm.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, 2 sons (Cade and Chance) and 2 boxers

“The 8- week postpartum program was exactly what I needed to get back into a routine. It was not only clear and easy to follow, but it gave me a new sense of confidence I didn’t have right after baby. Grateful for such an awesome program that makes me feel strong and more connected to my body than ever before.”

– Vanessa, Speech Language Pathologist and Personal Trainer
Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program?
You get instant and unlimited access. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you and when you finish.
Do I need to have access to a gym?
This program is designed to be accessible and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. You will need some basic workout equipment (as listed below!)
Are refunds available if I’m not happy with the course?
Due to the nature of this course, the content involved, and the clear description of what you’re getting, we will not be offering refunds. But because of what this course provides, you won’t need one! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]!
I just had a baby. When can I this program?
You need to wait until you’ve been cleared by your Doctor, usually around 6 weeks postpartum. Please refer to this blog post for ideas on safe movement during those first 6 weeks.

Recommended Equipment

Click here to view the recommended equipment on Amazon!

(Brianna Battles earns money via the Amazon affiliate program from the storefront linked above)

Mini band
Light dumbbells
Barbell (not mandatory – can modify barbell movements with dumbbells)
Big exercise band

Course Curriculum


Get Brianna Battles – 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program download

Welcome from Brianna Battles (2:34)

8 Week Program – Downloadable PDF

Postpartum Athleticism – Mindset, Approach & Strategy (22:36)

Kneel to Stand Video (0:35)

Weeks 1 & 2: Foundation

Weeks 1 & 2: Workout A (6:50)

Weeks 1 & 2: Workout B (7:51)

Weeks 1 & 2: Workout C (6:03)

Weeks 3 & 4: Reintegration

Weeks 3 & 4: Workout A (6:22)

Weeks 3 & 4: Workout B (5:58)

Weeks 3 & 4: Workout C (5:56)

Weeks 5 & 6: Consistency

Weeks 5 & 6: Workout A (6:29)

Weeks 5 & 6: Workout B (8:21)

Weeks 5 & 6: Workout C (8:26)

Weeks 7 & 8: Confidence

Weeks 7 & 8: Workout A (7:17)

Weeks 7 & 8: Workout B (6:29)

Weeks 7 & 8: Workout C (8:01)

“Bri’s program helped me in so many ways. There are so many social media “experts” out there and when you’re in a vulnerable place (such as being a brand new, first time mom) it is easy to be led down a path that could be detrimental to your recovery from birth. As a Naval Officer my physical recovery time is limited to the requirements of my job and I was really nervous about that. Your body goes through so much and Bri’s 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Bundle Training Program really made me feel that it was possible and it was manageable. As a person who was used to lifting heavy weights, it was humbling to see my body perform so differently after baby. The 8 Week PP Program really helped me not only physically but emotionally. At the beginning, I felt as though I would never get my strength “back.” By the end, I felt confident in my new body and how it moved. I was able to build a foundation on which to continue strengthening my muscles and how to work fitness into my life as a new mom. Thank you to Brianna for creating this amazing program. I am forever grateful!”

– Tiffani C, Navy Nurse

If you are looking for a program to follow after having a baby, or know of someone who may benefit from this kind of guidance, be sure to check it out and pass it on! Remember, postpartum is forever, so you don’t have to be “early” postpartum to begin healing and improving strategy. symptoms, strength and overall movement habits.


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