Gordon Ryan – The Pillars of Defense: Turtle & Front Headlock Escapes


Gordon Ryan – The Pillars of Defense: Turtle & Front Headlock Escapes

Gordon Ryan - The Pillars of Defense: Turtle & Front Headlock Escapes

Gordon Ryan – The Pillars of Defense: Turtle & Front Headlock Escapes


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Gordon Ryan - The Pillars of Defense: Turtle & Front Headlock EscapesGordon Ryan – The Pillars of Defense: Turtle & Front Headlock Escapes

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This is your chance to learn from 3-Time ADCC Champion Gordon Ryan as he shares all his secrets around escaping turtle and front headlocks

  • Gordon is one of the most detailed and thorough teachers in grappling, with incredible systematic attention to detail.
  • Use peak outs, 4 points, sitting to half guard, and more to get away from front.
  • Roll to guard and escape from turtle with Gordon’s tips for staying safe and preventing hooks so you can get away from their control while still staying safe from submission threats.
  • These are the same systems that Gordon uses to build his defensive skills as a foundation for his entire game.

Watch as Gordon rolls in the gym from these same positions and then breaks down the footage to explain the techniques in action.

Course Content

Volume 1

  • Introduction
  • Wrestling VS Jiu Jitsu
  • Overview
  • Front Headlock (Opponent’s Hand Positions)
  • Opponent’s Goals
  • Our Goals
  • Front Headlock – Locked Hands Hand Placement
  • Conservative Guillotine and Seated Kata Gatame Defense
  • Conservative Anaconda Defense
  • Conservative Darce Defense

Volume 2

  • Intro To Defending Go-Behinds
  • Partner Circles With No Wedges – Follow Them
  • No Wedges Access Legs
  • No Wedges Sit to Guard
  • No Wedges Shoulder Roll
  • Defending a Straight Knee Block
  • Defending a Cross Knee Block
  • Defending Arm Drags
  • Defending Misdirectional Throw-Bys

Volume 3

  • Sitting To Half Guard
  • Clearing Front Headlock With a 2 on 1
  • Clearing Front Headlock with Elbow Post
  • Arm Dragging From Attempted Anaconda
  • Building to a 4 Point
  • Ude Gaeshi
  • Comparing Locked VS Unlocked Hands in Front Headlock
  • Closing Out Front Headlock
  • Intro to Front Chest Lock
  • Basic Peak Out
  • Misdirectional Peak Out
  • Misdirectional Peak Out Sit to Half Guard
  • 4 Point Peak Out
  • Comparing Chest Lock and Double Triceps
  • Closing Out Front headlock Variations

Volume 4

  • Intro to Escaping Turtle Position
  • Overview
  • Open VS Closed Turtle
  • Opponent’s Goals
  • Our Goals
  • Technical Rule VS Tactical Rules
  • Hand Positions
  • Leg Positions
  • Kuzushi and Misdirection
  • Shoulder Roll VS Granby
  • When Not To Near Side Shoulder Roll
  • When To Near Side Shoulder Roll
  • Near Side Shoulder Roll Enter The Legs (Naive Opponent)
  • Near Side Shoulder Roll (Enter the Legs)
  • Escaping When Opponent Follows Shoulder Roll
  • Using Your Opponent’s Claw to be Off
  • 2 on 1 Face Your Opponent
  • When to Not Far Side Shoulder Roll
  • When to Far Side Shoulder Roll
  • Escaping After Roll Through
  • Sitting to Half Guard
  • Closing Out Shoulder Rolls

Volume 5

  • Intro to Head First Stand-Ups
  • Referee VS Tripod
  • Inside Leg VS Outside Leg
  • Inside Leg Tripod Standup (Mechanics)
  • Outside Leg Tripod Standup (Mechanics)
  • Inside Leg Referee Standup (Mechanics)
  • Outside Leg Referee Standup (Mechanics)
  • Technical VS Tactical
  • When to Not Use Head First Standups
  • When to Use Head First Standups
  • Building to a 4 Point
  • When Not to 4 Point
  • When to 4 Point
  • 4 Point VS Back Head and Arm
  • Options From 4 Point
  • Closing Out Standing Escapes
  • Connecting the Dots

Volume 6

  • Intro to Defending a Hook From Turtle
  • The Importance of Diagonal Control
  • Falling to a Hip to Avoid Diagonal Control
  • When Not To 4 Point Out
  • When to 4 Point out
  • Closing Out One Hook Escapes
  • Intro To Crucifix
  • Escaping a Front Leg Trap
  • Far Side Shoulder Roll VS Cruciffix
  • Basic Crucifix Escape Options
  • Outro

Volume 7

  • Rolling Reubin
  • Rolling Christos
  • Rolling Alex
  • Rolling Abdul
  • Rolling Placido

Volume 8

  • Rolling Commentary Reubin
  • Rolling Commentary Christos
  • Rolling Commentary Alex
  • Rolling Commentary Abdul
  • Rolling Commentary Placido

Build Your Game On A Strong Foundation Of Escapes With These Systems For Escaping Turtle Position And Front Headlocks With ADCC Champion & No-Gi Grappling Superstar Gordon “The King” Ryan


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