John Danaher – New Wave Jiu Jitsu: No Gi Guard Passing


John Danaher – New Wave Jiu Jitsu: No Gi Guard Passing

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Lock on body locks and smash your way through the guard using systematic pressure and leg pummeling to pass

  • Learn the central principles and problems of passing the guard from one of the most detailed and innovative coaches on the planet, Professor John Danaher.
  • Use specific toreando footwork patterns to maximize your loose passing success – including the king and queen of passing positions.
  • Work through closed guard, supine guard, seated guard, and half guard as John gives you a unified framework for passing.
  • See all the best ways to establish control and stabilize position as you work your way through for increased dominance against the bottom player.
  • Professor John Danaher has taught grappling and combat superstars like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, Garry Tonon, and many more throughout his illustrious coaching career – with remarkable success with students of all levels of experience and athleticism.

Course Content

Volume 1

  • Introduction
  • The Central Problem of Guard Passing
  • Four Conceptual Solutions: The Push Pull Asymmetry
  • The Push/Curl Asymmetry
  • The Flexion/Extension Asymmetry
  • Leg vs Leg Passing
  • The Four Scenarios You Must Be Effective In
  • Five Key Insights That Make a Real Difference to Your Passing Performance – The Three Nemesis of Guard Passing
  • Penetrating to the Torso
  • Completing a Pass: Hips First/Head Second Principle
  • Be Ready to Take the Back at all Times
  • The Foundation of All Guard Play: Control Resides Between The Knees

Volume 2

  • Opening a Closed Guard – Negation First
  • Opening a Closed Guard: Squad Philosophy
  • Analysis of the Squad Philosophy
  • The 3 Best Ways to Open a Closed Guard Nogi – The Reach Back Method
  • Two on One Knee Method
  • Knee Post
  • Dealing with Lower Body Grips: Double Outside Grips
  • Dealing with Lower Body Grips Part 2
  • Dealing with Lower Body Grips: Single Inside Grip
  • Opening a Closed Guard: Putting It All Together

Volume 3

  • Passing a Supine Guard – Toreando Pass Series – Footwork Skills
  • crescent step
  • side step
  • cross step
  • front step
  • back step
  • jab step
  • fake step
  • Putting it all together
  • The First Stage of Toreando Passing: Approaching Your Opponent – Reading Your Opponents Body
  • Getting a Strong Start in Toreando Passing: Grip Asymmetry
  • Essential Grip Fighting – Double down V Grips
  • Double Sole Grip
  • Double Up V Grip
  • Knee and Shin
  • Inside Knee Post
  • Inverted V Grip
  • Inverted Cross Grip
  • Two on One Knee and Ankle
  • The King of All Nogi Toreando Passing Positons: The Hip & Knee Post
  • The Queen of All Nogi Toreando Passing Positions: Toes to Mat (AKA The Plow)
  • Getting Down to Business with Toreando Passing – Toreando Throw By
  • Misdirectional Throw By
  • Toreando Throw By To a Hip & Knee Post
  • Toreando Throw By to Toes to Floor
  • Toreando Throw By to Leg Drag

Volume 4

  • Hip & Knee Post Series – Running the Circle
  • Running the Circle Part 2
  • Step Back Knee Cut
  • Step Back Inside Knee
  • Spinning Toreando – Mechanics
  • Tight Waist Finish
  • Hip Block Method
  • Hip Block Method Part 2
  • Reverse Grip Method
  • Spinning Toreando to the Back
  • Spinning Toreando to Leg Drag
  • Side to Side Pressure and Toreando Passing – Arm Swim
  • The Foot Step
  • Cross Shin Pin – Hip & Knee Post
  • Front Step/Back Step
  • Overcoming the Problem of Entanglement
  • The Relationship Between Toreando & Knee Cut

Volume 5

  • The Floating Leg Pommel Series – Why Pommel Passing?
  • Getting to the Start Position
  • Inside Pommel Pass
  • Outside Pommel Pass
  • Cross Knee Pommel
  • Cross Foot Pommel
  • Front Pommel
  • Pommel to knee cut
  • Finishing a Pommel Pass: Alternate Method
  • Body Lock Guard Passing – Why Body Locks?
  • Front Body Locks vs Side Body Locks
  • Getting to a Front Body Lock – Creating Waist Exposure
  • Inside & Outside Penetration
  • Head Position & Pull
  • Arm Position/Hand Grip
  • 2 Philosophies of Body Lock Guard Passing
  • The Hierarchy of Body Lock Positions
  • The Two Most Important Body Lock Passing Methods: The Step Over Method
  • The Knee Drive Method

Volume 6

  • Passing with a front body lock: Double Shin Method
  • Leg Scissor Method
  • Shoelace Method
  • Knee Cut Method
  • Kick Out Method
  • High Hip Scissor Method
  • High Hip Scissor From Double Shin
  • Maximizing the Potential of Your Body Lock Passes
  • The Single Most Common Error in Body Lock Guard Passing and How to Avoid It
  • My Favorite Body Lock Passing Method: Lumbar Lock To High Lock
  • Countering a Forward Shift
  • The Relationship Between a Tight Waist and a Bodylock
  • Switching Tight Waist
  • Side Body Lock: Entering a Side Body Lock
  • Side Body Lock: Leg Riding
  • Passing with a Side Body Lock

Volume 7

  • Half Guard Passing – Why Half Guard Passing?
  • First Problem of Half Guard: Clearing a Knee Shield – Shifting to Centerline
  • Front Step/Back Step Method
  • Entries Into Half Guard Passing – Tight Waist Entry
  • Body Lock Entry
  • Floating Leg Pommel Entry
  • Hip & Knee Post Entry
  • Toes to Mat Entry
  • The Fundamental Start Position for Half Guard Passing
  • The Two King Knee Positions
  • The Four Step Half Guard Passing Sequence

Volume 8

  • Half Guard Passing Methods: Top Head & Arm
  • Far Underhook & Head Block
  • Double Underhook Passing
  • Cross Face & Reverse Cross Face
  • Half Katagatame
  • Countering a Power Prop From Half Guard
  • Passing Half Butterfly Guard: Near Side Underhook: Grape Vine Method
  • Near Side Underhook: Hand Post Method
  • Near Side Underhook: Butterfly Hook Method
  • Cross Face Half Butterfly Guard Pass

Master The No-Gi Guard Passing Systems That John Danaher’s Athletes Excel With In Competition – Including Body Locks, Toreando, & More That All Work Together To Solve Central Problems And Exploit Weaknesses That Any Grappler Can Understand!


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