Miranda Macpherson – Living in Boundless Love


Miranda Macpherson – Living in Boundless Love

Miranda Macpherson - Living in Boundless Love

Miranda Macpherson – Living in Boundless Love


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Open to the Boundless Love within you and access deep trust and nurturing calm to experience all of life’s circumstances as blessings, bringing you greater freedom and fulfillment.


Miranda Macpherson – Living in Boundless Love

Miranda Macpherson - Living in Boundless Love

Open to the Boundless Love within you and access deep trust and nurturing calm to experience all of life’s circumstances as blessings, bringing you greater freedom and fulfillment.

Discover how this abundant love within is what you’ve been seeking all along and how to touch into its grace — your truest self and connection to God — whenever you need to.

We all need and want love…

Yet love is not a commodity that we get or give. It’s who we truly are.

So why then does it often feel so elusive and conditional — like something we lack and need to obtain?

Because as human beings,  in the process of forming our personalities and becoming adults, we lose our connection with grace — the presence of God within us and the Boundless Love that’s the indestructible depth of our own heart.

Our upbringing and cultural conditioning cause us to create “ego boundaries,” which stop us from loving freely AND from receiving the love we truly long for.

These boundaries also cause us to lose touch with the nurturing ground this innate love can provide during our most challenging times — divorce, loss of a loved one, aging, an unexpected diagnosis, the end of a career or financial stresses.

We cut ourselves off from the living stream of grace within, that state of Boundless Love that can awaken our deeper trust, support our surrender in the face of hardship, resolve our feelings of emptiness and lack, and bring us “home” to God’s presence within us.

“Love is who we are when our heart is at rest in pure being.”
— Miranda Macpherson

The good news is that there’s a way back to this sacred place of Boundless Love within you.

And when you’ve learned how to  melt away your boundaries to love, including the ego strategies you’ve unknowingly adopted, you’ll not only be able to welcome in this grace (that’s actually always been there) you’ll learn to see life’s challenges as gateways to this grace.

When you open to the Boundless Love within you, you  experience deeper wisdom, more abundant love and a more spiritually rich life.

You learn to accept the exact ingredients of your life as your personal curriculum of awakening.

The Power of an Authentic, Awake Teacher

The new Living in Boundless Love program is led by Miranda Macpherson, a remarkable female mystic who underwent a life-changing spiritual awakening that shifted the core of her being — and prepared her to lead others in catalyzing deep shifts.

After 20 years of dedicated spiritual study and practice, Miranda was graced by a powerful awakening in the same cave in Arunachala, India, that Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi once called home. Her concepts of self, God and world, gave way to a deep silence.

She then underwent a great unravelling of her familiar ego identity that initiated powerful changes in all aspects of her life. It took her years to stabilize this awakening, integrate its wisdom, and learn how to guide others to live daily life from this deeper ground.

Since then, Miranda has emerged as a truly global spiritual teacher. She speaks with the refreshing candor born of her Australian roots. She draws from a deep study of world religions and practices as an interfaith minister. And she’s well-versed in many modern systems of psycho-spiritual growth.

Miranda’s teaching methods marry an exquisite and piercing capacity for clear insight with an overflowing, loving heart that will help you to liberate feelings of unworthiness and the fear of receiving love.

She’ll guide you in shedding the conditioning that obscures the Boundless Love within — the truth of who you really are — and help you approach your core wound of love with tenderness and self-forgiveness.

You’ll also  discover how to navigate differences and conflict in your important relationships to help you to rededicate these sacred connections as healing temples of Boundless Love itself.

In Living in Boundless Love, Miranda will offer you a distinctly feminine perspective on non-dual spiritual realization that leads to the discovery of new dimensions of grace.

She’ll help you to open your heart and invite you to  experience Boundless Love and live with a deeper awareness of and appreciation for the beauty and mystery of life —  no matter your circumstances.

During these ten modules with Miranda, you’ll learn to relax the efforting — the trying to get love and attempts to emotionally flee your challenges.

You’ll be guided through the common pitfalls we all experience in our quest for love, inner calm and peace, and discover how to embrace everything as a gateway to Boundless Love, freedom and fulfillment.

And you’ll be invited to experience this awakening as a living, pulsating awareness that permeates every aspect of your body and being.

You’ll also discover how to bring these deep realizations into your daily life — to become a more conscious and spiritually mature human being.

To live in a state of boundless love in which you see all things as an expression of the Divine, you need to integrate and include all the parts of yourself that seem to be obstacles on your path of awakening.

By exploring and embracing the full spectrum of your humanity AS a reflection of your divinity, you can  relax into the Boundless Love within you and stop resisting so much of your experience of life.

You open to the profound blessing of each and every moment.

This is what it means to open to the stream of grace within you — to see everything as a blessing and an expression of love.

During 10 heart-opening modules with Miranda, you’ll:

  • Understand the inevitable fall from grace into separation from love, as part of the human condition
  • Recognize how your attempts to get love, become lovable or earn love drive you to seek externally, while holding together your sense of separation
  • Discover how to embrace the exact situations of your life as your personal curriculum for your next level of liberation and spiritual maturity
  • Get Miranda Macpherson – Living in Boundless Love download
  • Learn how to relax your plan for the fulfillment of your longing, and instead enter in and through what is arising, allowing authentic surrender
  • Sense into presence and find true inner ground independent of mind through simple somatic cues
  • Discover game changing spiritual keys to accessing inner support and true resiliency, rather than “trying to support yourself”
  • Clearly understand the spiritual purpose of human relationship as a sacred vessel for transformation and liberation
  • Dissolve the subtle conflict between love and freedom
  • Find your prayer that brings you back to living in love

What You’ll Discover in These 10 Modules

In this 10-module transformational training, Miranda will offer you an opportunity to integrate love and unity into your life through the non-dual state of unconditional allowing. You’ll more deeply understand your deepest nature as love, open beyond your mental boundaries and to greater freedom and fulfillment.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to open to and experience the Boundless Love within you.

This program is divided into three sections, each with a specific emphasis:

“Opening to Boundless Love.”
Modules 1 and 2 give an overview of love as the ultimate nondual ground of your being and natural state of your heart. You’ll discover how relaxing your plan for the fulfillment of your longing, and instead entering in and through what is arising in any given moment, can allow for authentic surrender and love’s sustaining presence to emerge.

“Dissolving the Blocks to Love’s Presence.”
Modules 3 to 5 dive into turning everything into the path of awakening, which requires you to deepen your capacity to be present, open and compassionate with your defenses. You’ll discover and practice ego relaxation to melt these defenses. You’ll also become aware of your fears of vulnerability, which may be blocking you from receiving the reality of unconditional love for just being.

“Embodying Boundless Love in the Everyday.”
Modules 6 and 7 explore a feminine approach to awakening and its ways for navigating differences and embracing truth in relationship — and your everyday life. You’ll practice letting go of fear, separation, projection, judgment and self-centeredness and discover human relationships as the most powerful crucibles for authentic awakening.

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