The Shift Network – Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021


The Shift Network – Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021

The Shift Network - Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021

The Shift Network – Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021


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Toltec shaman don José Ruiz takes a deep dive into this rich and vital store of animal wisdom, and demonstrates how we can incorporate its lessons into our daily lives. Format File: 40 MP4, 39 MP3, 10 TXT File Size: 10.157 GB


The Shift Network – Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021

The Shift Network - Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2021

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Journey with Elders & Mystics into Sacred Ritual, Prayer, and Ceremony

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Shamanism and “applied mysticism” can help you realign with the principles of interconnectedness and deep harmony in nature… find clarity as you journey into deeper realms for guidance… and supply you with renewed strength to be of service.

The esteemed teachers and healers featured in the Shamanic Wisdom Library 2021 guide you through a process of rediscovery, hearing the guidance of Spirit, and living an authentic, empowered life.

With this timely and salient collection of teachings, you’ll receive ample guidance in practical shamanism. Our speakers are offering you tools for everyday life — ways to cut through the confusion, complexity, and dissonance of our modern world — to become a clear, open-hearted warrior of love.

You’ll learn how to summon the spiritual allies, protectors, and guides who are ready to support you in rebirthing yourself and rediscovering your True North in this lifetime.

With this unique collection, you’ll glean wisdom from Peruvian shamanism, various lineages from the West African diaspora, Indigenous traditions from Turtle Island (the Americas), Europe, and many more.

Plus you’ll explore how to tap into the transformational power of nature to gain clarity and personal insight, and reclaim a sense of wholeness in your life.

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Shamanic Journeys into Nature

3-Part Shift Network Course Selection With Sandra Ingerman

What if, anytime you want, you could step into a higher dimension of consciousness, leaving behind the weight of human suffering? Much of our suffering can be traced back to separation from the natural world. And the doorway to this higher dimension — nature itself — is all around you every day. As you step through this doorway, you’ll discover deep shamanic mysteries not commonly taught. You’ll find your place of belonging on the Earth.

You’ll Receive:
Module 1: We are Nature Beings
Module 2: The Elements — A love Story
Module 3: The Intelligence of Nature

Andean Shamanic Rituals to Synchronize Your Life Path With the Cosmos

Shift Course Excerpt With Andean Medicine Man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Spiritual practitioners all over the world are aware that our planet and collective consciousness is shifting. Now is the time for you to grow, evolve, and be reborn… the time to realize who you truly are, and transcend limited beliefs about yourself and life. In this powerful session, you’ll be guided on Andean shamanic journeys and practice ancient transformative ceremonies to experience shifts in your own life, spirit and soul.

You’ll understand:

  • What it means to be a child of light, and of the 7 rays
  • How to wake up to your superior consciousness and choose yourself to be a guardian of life energy on our planet
  • The magical world of animal spirits and discover your power animals to spiritually evolve
  • How to breathe conscious energy and strengthen your connection with Mother Earth and the Universe

Best of Shamanism Global Summit: Curated Sessions Package

5 Selected Recordings From the Shamanism Global Summit

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These popular sessions from our Shamanism Global Summit archives will deepen your understanding of nature-based wisdom traditions from around the world. They contain expertise on shamanic rituals and ceremonies used for personal transformation, cultivating warrior patience and power, opening your heart in difficult situations, and exploring parallel lives, among other powerful practices. You’ll learn from experts in shamanic traditions like Kristoffer Hughes, Jose Ruiz, HeatherAsh Amara, Robert Moss, Mallku Aribalo, and more!

You’ll receive:

  • Druidry: The Language of Trees, with Kristoffer Hughes
  • The Medicine Bag: Shamanic Rituals & Ceremonies for Personal Transformation, with Jose Ruiz
  • Being a Warrior of the Heart: Using all your challenges to get free, with HeatherAsh Amara
  • Exploring Your Parallel Lives, With Robert Moss
  • Inka Shamanism, With Mallku Aribalo

Shaman’s Morning Breathing Practice

Alberto Villoldo’s Harmonizing Video Breathing Session

Make the best of your morning hour, connect with the forces of nature, and embody the wisdom and the archetypes of the shaman and each one of your chakras. In this 30-minute breathing exercise, used by special forces and world-class athletes, you will learn to disengage from the hyper-alert state of fight-or-flight to drop into the relaxing state of expanded consciousness.

The Cosmos, Crystal Skulls & Healing

Video Discussion with Grandmother Flordemayo, Founder of The Path

Grandmother Flordemayo shares how she taps into the spiritual realm and the Cosmos using awakened visions and guidance to send messages for humanity. She describes what she sees in other realms, and the messages and visions she has received. She shares the wisdom of a sacred glyph and the important message it holds for each of us, and reveals the beauty and magic of the Mayan crystal skulls.

Tap Into Your Intuition Ebook

Marie Mbouni’s Complete Ebook

THE WISDOM IS WITHIN YOU! You can have access to that wisdom whenever you desire. In this Ebook you will be introduced to valuable tools to help you access and activate your innate wisdom and internal GPS, so you can gain the ability to make choices that are beneficial for YOU. Explore how to answer your own questions in your life that are important to you. Follow your inner guidance, or that of the Divine, to align with your true path to where it is you want to go.

Upon Waking

Michelle MacEwan’s Calming & Centering Audio Meditation

An audio recording, Upon Waking, is a guided contemplative journey to help you begin your day from a place of deep peace. You can set it as your alarm and awaken slowly with this calming and centering practice. It evokes a sense of positive values and virtues to carry you through your day. It includes a beautiful prayer that celebrates common values such as peace, equanimity, and gratitude. It can also be used at any time during your day to touch base with your inner value and remember to be heart centered.

Magik from “Flowers for the Living”

Qi Dada’s Audio Single from Riders Against the Storm Album

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In the song “Magik” from Flowers for the Living, the latest single from Riders Against the Storms’ album, Ghislaine “Qi Dada” Jean and Jonathan “Chaka” Mahone, present their dazzling own spin on classic hip hop and the weaving of magic.

Elemental Healing Journey and Prayer

Audio Ceremony with HeatherAsh Amara & Accompanying Prayer Booklet

In this ceremony we journey to ask guidance and blessings from our allies, the four elements. Air, fire, water, and earth each bring us gifts of awareness and support, as we ask for insight and guidance for our next steps. This bonus also includes a special pdf of HeatherAsh’s unpublished Elemental Prayers, a daily practice that will weave you back into right relationship with these vital energies.

What is Love

Video Conversation with Michael Stone & HeatherAsh Amara

An in-depth conversation with Michael Stone and HeatherAsh Amara as they discuss many of our conceptions and beliefs around love, and explore the difference between conditional and unconditional love. Michael is an author, teacher, mentor, shamanic practitioner, and integration facilitator.

  • Learn how to shift from conditional to unconditional love
  • Understand that unconditional love has structure & boundaries
  • Why love is not about possesion, ownership, or even control

Doorway to a Higher Truth Wisdom

Guided Audio Journey & Wisdom Quotes Handout From Grandmother SaSa

With love and light, Grandmother SaSa delivers a powerfully soothing and hopeful message about your relationship with Mother Earth. She will help you understand that when you take responsibility for own healing, you are contributing to the healing of the planet.

Shamanic Power Animals

Extended Exclusive Excerpt PDF From don Jose Ruiz

In this special extended excerpt from Shamanic Power Animals: Embracing the Teachings of Our Non-Human Friends, Toltec shaman don José Ruiz takes a deep dive into this rich and vital store of animal wisdom, and demonstrates how we can incorporate its lessons into our daily lives.

The Shaman’s Bag

Evelyn C. Rysdyk’s PDF Handout

Renowned shamanic teacher, and author of six books, Evelyn C. Rysdyk shares an 18-page PDF sample of her subscription-only email offering, The Shaman’s Bag. This offering is filled with shamanic wisdom, tips, tricks and stories that can enrich your personal shamanic practice and your life!

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS infinite access to the video and audio recordings and transcripts of every series session — giving you unlimited access to the sacred guidance from these powerful shamans, mystics, and teachers as you continue on your healing journey.

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