The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021


The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021

The Shift Network - Transform Your Health Summit 2021

The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021


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Savor this sensuous breath, sound, and movement meditation to awaken all of your chakras. This meditation also activates your vagus nerve for increased health and wellbeing. Format File: 43 MP4, 42 MP3, 10 TXT File Size: 7.181 GB


The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021

The Shift Network - Transform Your Health Summit 2021

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Access Lifelong Resilience Techniques From the 5 Pillars of Wellness

The Transform Your Health Summit supports your transition as you move from being immersed in pandemic life to embracing greater vitality, resilience, and wellbeing.

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We’re offering you a safe space to exhale from this past year… and fix what needs mending inside, tap your individual magic, and optimize your self-care routine for lasting health.

The life-changing benefits of these 5 Pillars of Wellness don’t have an expiration date… but access to these specific teachings does.

With the Transform Your Health Wisdom Collection, you’ll receive a lifetime library of self-care practices and philosophies across five healing modalities.

You can explore each pillar of self-care at your own pace, incorporating these edifying practices into your life whenever the timing feels right… elevating your health and wellness as you go.

PLUS, by upgrading to the full Transform Your Health Wisdom Collection 2021, you’ll receive access to a plethora of wonderful bonuses when you act now.

NOTE: if you purchase a single-day bundle, you’ll receive select bonuses for that particular topic along with your other materials.

Medicinal Herbs for Better Brain Health

Full 5-Class Shift Network Course With Mary Bove

Enjoy this deep dive into your baseline neural health with Mary Bove, herbalist, naturopathic physician & director of medical education at Gaia Herbs.

Be proactive about your brain health to mitigate hormonal shifts, sleep better, improve your memory, and help lower the risk of dementia.

Discover herbs and other natural remedies to keep your brain clear, sharp, and resilient — and minimize the effects of stress and aging.

Mind Medicine to Ignite Your Highest Potential

3-Part Shift Network Course Selection From Dr. Darren Weissman

The creator of The LifeLine Technique®, Dr. Darren Weissman, will help reconnect you to the many layers of reality that exist beyond the conscious mind, and guide you to take a deeper look at the role your subconscious plays as you process past traumas, current events, personal challenges, and other difficulties.

Darren’s renowned step-by-step Mind Medicine process — based on pioneering developmental biologist Bruce Lipton’s “biology of belief” work in epigenetics — can uncover your entire subconscious dynamic, and reveal exactly how you’ve been repeating patterns that are undermining your deepest desires… patterns that attract people, conditions, and circumstances that match up with your most prominent subconscious beliefs.

You’ll receive:
Module 1: Awaken the Pharmacy Within
Module 2: Your Body’s Language Is Emotion
Module 3: Words That Heal the Present, Past & Future

The Gut-Health Reboot

3-Part Shift Network Course Selection From Dr. Trupti Gokani

A healthy gut is the key to a strong and healthy immune system — and you.

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When your microbiome — the good and bad bacteria in your gut — is out of balance and you’re experiencing digestive and other health issues, you’re receiving a “friendly warning.”

In this powerful journey, you’ll explore the three gut types (vata, pitta, kapha), take a quiz to discover which one is yours, and discover how to start eating for your type. You’ll also find out whether your gut-type energy also shows signs of being restless, irritable, fired-up, withdrawn, or earthy…

As you’ll discover, the right herbs, spices, and teas that can help heal your gut, according to your type. You’ll call on both ancient wisdom and today’s leading-edge scientific findings to bring your system back into harmony.

You’ll receive:
Module 1: Understanding Your Gut — What Is Healthy Digestion?
Module 2: Exploring the 3 Gut Types (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) — And Uncovering Yours
Module 3: Uncovering What Your Gut Is Telling You — Food Intolerances, Medication Side Effects, Leaky Gut Syndrome, SIBO, Candida, Gastroparesis & GERD

Restore Your Wellbeing With Adaptogenic Herbs & Mushrooms

3-Part Shift Network Course Selection From Teresa Boardwine

Here are a few reasons to LOVE adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms…

They mediate anxiety, depression, and fatigue. They increase your energy, helping you STAY energized when you need verve — and get rejuvenated when you rest. They help you build resistance to stress and modulate the fight-flight-or-freeze response. Additionally, adaptogens that are nootropic support cognition, increase brain acuity, and alleviate signs of mental fatigue.

Adaptogens can help you build a solid foundation for health, wellness, stamina, and vitality… AND they can help you maintain that foundation through all the stressors of life — especially in our current times of uncertainty and upheaval.

You’ll receive:
Module 1: Adaptogens for Grounding, Balancing & Nourishing Deeply
Module 2: Adaptogenic Immuno-Modulating Mushrooms & Roots
Module 3: Psychoneuroimmunology Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs for Nervous System Support

Medicinal Plants for Protecting Your Body, Mind & Spirit

3-Part Shift Network Course Selection With David Crow

Avoid adrenal exhaustion and emotional burnout — and protect you and your family from EMFs and other environmental toxins. Discover the right herbs and dosages to help heal and harmonize your mind-body guided by a world-renowned botanical medicine expert. Medicinal plants can help you heal inflammation, quiet your mind, and remove toxins. They can rebalance your emotions, release your addictions, and provide you with sustained energy.

You’ll receive:
Module 1: Protection for the Respiratory System
Module 2: Protection for the Digestive System
Module 3: Protection for the Liver

Facilitating Your Body’s Magic With Aston® Kinetics

3-Part Shift Network Course Selection With Judith Aston

Join pioneering movement teacher and trainer Judith Aston for a riveting journey through Aston Kinetics®, Judith’s proven practices to strengthen and tone your body and help you move through each day with physical ease and emotional balance. Judith’s holistic approach can help lessen your pain — particularly if the way you’re using your body is creating discomfort.

Aston Kinetics® includes gentle loosening, toning, and stretching… using the senses to listen to the body… tuning in to how the body is being used… and creating new ways of moving that allow for optimal mobility and wellbeing.

Make immediate, empowering shifts in the way you move, and learn gentle somatic movement exercises to address physical challenges from stress or injury — for a stronger, more flexible, more toned, happier you.

You’ll receive:
Module 1: The Secret to Living in Your Body on This Planet
Module 2: Living Through Your Senses
Module 3: How Your Physical Habits & Patterns Show Up in Your Body

Self-Care Retreat Sampler

3-Part Video Sampler From Renew Online Retreat + Music Festival

Immerse yourself in a restorative series of guided experiences that will deepen your experience of being alive. Enjoy three beautiful and inspiring workshop sessions from our dynamic recent online retreat and music festival which presents an international lineup of musicians, artists, teachers, healers, and more.

Embodied Surrender Meditation

Guided Audio Meditation with Dr. Shamini Jain

Open and align all your chakras for healing and liberation through this powerful meditation, guided by Dr. Shamini Jain. She will take you through the energy of each chakra to allow you to feel spirit deeply in your body, to surrender, and to trust. Foster your personal alchemy, open yourself to collective evolution, and allow the process of spiritual liberation.

Sensual Alchemy Meditation

Video Journey From Lauren Harkness

Savor this sensuous breath, sound, and movement meditation to awaken all of your chakras. This meditation also activates your vagus nerve for increased health and wellbeing.

Colors of Your Spirit

Cyndi Dale’s Video Teaching to Illuminate Your Spirit Colors

Activate and fill yourself with the colors of your own spirit or essence to engergize and invigorate yourself at every level. Each hue of light provides a specific benefit, and natural light lowers our stress and improves overall health. What streams of light reflect your true self?

Get The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021  download

Breath-fully to Beat Stress

Breathing Technique Video From Kathleen Booker

Release stress, anxiety and worry, and embrace wholeness and health with your breath. Kathleen Booker shares a breathing technique you can use anywhere, anytime to find clarity, get focused, be present in the now, and receive the courage to speak your heartfelt truth.

The word resilience can be a bit intimidating. You can doubt yourself, your ability, and question your “enoughness,” which increase stress and keeps you spiraling in crises and chaos. Allow your Breath to take the edge off and remind you just how resilient you are.

Ageless EMYoga Balancing Practice

Video Class With Lauren Walker to Maintain Balance

Enoy this interactive class designed to maintain or regain your ability to balance and stay grounded. This balancing practice will build spinal strength with standing postures and EMYoga techniques to support aging gracefully

Healthy Meridians, Healthy Body

Dondi Dahlin’s Video Teaching to Tap Into Your Body’s Meridians

Tap into a whole new system within, as you learn how to trace the 14meridians on your body. Just as the circulatory system nourishes your cells and organs, the meridians deliver energy, vitality and strength to every organ and system.

The meridians are your main energy pathways and many people trace them every day to ward off colds and flu, to stay emotionally strong, and to combat fatigue and brain fog. Tracing the meridians is an excellent way to stay physically and emotionally resilient.

Inner Renewal Meditation

Video Meditation for Regeneration With Chocolako Agburu

If you’re interested in freeing yourself from the past and from stress, anxiety, fatigue, frustation or disappointment, join in this relaxing and renewing meditation. As you focus on inner renewal and experience the potency of regeneration, this inward journey will restore your inner equilibrium and you’ll experience soothing nourishment.

Chocolako highlights how the mind, third eye, and crown have the power to heal and transform any situation.


Audio Selection of Relaxing Sounds With Jeralyn Glass

Feel yourself become more stable and anchored with this audio selection from the Visions album, Grounding. Deeply Relax into the exquisite sounds of an advanced Chakra set tuned to Mother Gaia, the earth frequency, 432 Hz Bathe in Andara, Indigo, Citrine, St Germain, Celestite, and more.

Deep, Delicious Flow: “How to Flowdream®” Introductory Gift Package

Audio & PDF Introduction to Flowdreaming by Summer McStravick

Bask in the delicious feeling of being in flow. Flowdreaming is a uniquely visual and emotional style of meditation that develops your empathetic intuition, provides inner healing, and creates powerful manifestational results in your life.

This is all you need to start Flowdreaming and manifesting today. No long learning curve, and no meditation required. This gift package includes:

Get The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021  download

  • Two audio trainings that teach you exactly how to Flowdream
  • A PDF quickstart guide and book
  • A gorgeous, blissful Flowdream called “Positive Flow” that will take you into Flow state and align you into easy and rewarding opportunities for your success
  • A special bonus audio for The Shift Network listeners called “Instant Alignment,” to help you shift back into ease and flow in any situation, in less than 5 minutes

Your Soul’s Calling Ceremonial Journey with Lainie Love Dalby

Sacred Circle Video With Lainie Love Dalby

Co-create your life as sacred and unleash your unique #SOULSPARKLE. Join Lainie Love Dalby for a deep dive into your inner truth and uniqueness in this sacred circle of healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation. In this potent journey, you’ll learn about the core thirteen pillars from the sacred art of sparkling shamelessly, engage in estatic movement, energtic womb healing (regardless of your gender), shamanic journeying, and expressive arts to tap into your soul’s calling.

Please BRING to the ceremony:

  • Your journal and favorite pen
  • Bring or wear comfortable clothes you can move in and potentially get messy, since we’ll be doing expressive arts (an apron works too)
  • A canvas (11×14 or so)
  • Paints and paintbrushes
  • Glue & Scissors
  • Magazines with many pictures (think Time, National Geographic, etc.)
  • Any small objects, crystals, fabrics, feathers, images, etc. that call to you before we gather. You don’t need to know why, just trust your instinct

My Goddess Life Journal Workbook

Workbook Companion by Abiola Abram’s to Discover Your Dream Life

Are you ready to come into alignment with your purpose and truth? There’s truly only one big difference between people who are living their dreams lives and those who continue to only daydream about a better future. What is that difference? Clarity. And that’s exactly what this journal is designed to help you achieve.

Journal your way to your goddess self and dream life. My Goddess Life Journal Workbook includes powerful prompts on joy, health, love, work, wellbeing, and abundance. Awaken the goddess within and become who you really are.

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS lifetime access to the audio and video recordings and transcripts of every summit session — empowering you with essential teachings across the 5 Pillars of Wellness.

NOTE: if you purchase a single-day bundle, you’ll receive select bonuses for that particular topic along with your other materials.

Get The Shift Network – Transform Your Health Summit 2021  download


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