Yuri Elkaim – Fat Loss Summit 2015


Yuri Elkaim – Fat Loss Summit 2015

Yuri Elkaim - Fat Loss Summit 2015

Yuri Elkaim – Fat Loss Summit 2015


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Your bonuses are on their way to your e-mail. Look for an email from Yuri Elkaim with the subject line “Your Fat Loss Summit bonuses”. This email will be coming from the e-mail address [email protected], so please make sure to add that e-mail to your address book or e-mail whitelist.


Yuri Elkaim – Fat Loss Summit 2015

 Yuri Elkaim - Fat Loss Summit 2015

Please read this page carefully, as it contains
details and instructions for participation in this event.Step 1: Claim Your Bonuses

Your bonuses are on their way to your e-mail. Look for an email from Yuri Elkaim with the subject line “Your Fat Loss Summit bonuses”. This email will be coming from the e-mail address [email protected], so please make sure to add that e-mail to your address book or e-mail whitelist.

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If you do not receive the email with your bonuses within 24 hours, first, please check your SPAM folder — and if you do not find it, please e-mail [email protected] and we will take care of you.

Step 2: Read the ENTIRE page below for event instructions!

Dear friend,

I’m thrilled that you’re here!

You’re about to be a part of a fantastic event that is going to give you the most proven, scientifically-supported, and inspiring guidance for losing weight and keeping it off – for good!

It’s time to get rid of the blind spots and false information – the “side view mirror effect” as I call it – that has been holding you back for far too long.

As you know (and have probably experienced), there’s nothing worse than losing weight only to see it creep back on several weeks later.

As someone who truly cares about the success of my clients, I’m as frustrated as you by yo-yoing weight fluctuation along with all the confusion you might be experiencing when it comes to how to lose weight.

My goal with this summit is to reduce and ideally eliminate your suffering and finally give you CLEAR guidance to burn fat and look and feel your best.

To help with that, I’ve gathered 24 of the world’s BEST fat loss experts – best-selling authors, doctors, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and more, to show you the absolute best, most practical weight loss information…

Tailored for your needs specifically.

I can promise you that the information that you’ll get during this event is some of the most valuable weight loss information you’ve ever received…

Starting August 8th, You Will Be Able To Access These Sessions From The Comfort Of Your Own Home…For FREE

The Fat Loss Summit is an ONLINE event beginning August 8th. It features over 24 fat loss experts who will show you their best tips, techniques, and strategies that you can easily implement to lose weight, while helping you get to the root of what’s stopping from losing weight and keeping it off.

Each of these experts has been thoroughly interviewed by your host – that’s me…Yuri Elkaim. And as a one of the world’s leading fat loss experts myself, I’ve made sure that each has brought their A-game and delivered the best of the best and hold nothing back.

Each interview is brought to you in via video – either in-person with the expert or via online video – to give you a more engaged experience with the information.

And…instead of being confused by conflicting points of view, you’ll enjoy a very succinct message throughout the summit so that you have the RIGHT information to move toward the body and health you deserve.

I can guarantee that you’ll find at least one takeaway from each session that can dramatically improve your life and your health.

So please, make sure to watch to these sessions. Be sure to take notes. And if you have any friends or family members that could use this information, make sure to tell them about it too!

Please read this area carefully, as it contains all the instructions you need to participate in the Fat Loss Summit – for FREE – and what to do if you miss any of the sessions.

The event will start at 8am EST on Monday August 8, 2016.

Every 24 hours at 7:30AM EST, you will be sent an e-mail giving you the exact page and website address for that day’s sessions.

To make sure that you don’t miss any of the e-mails or sessions, MAKE SURE to add Yuri Elkaim or [email protected] to your contact list.

Starting on Day 1 (August 8th), you’ll have a chance to watch 3-4 presentations – for FREE – per 24-hour period.

Once the 24 hour viewing window ends, those sessions will be taken down, and we will move on to the next set of sessions.

Here’s a Detailed Breakdown of What You’ll Uncover In These 24 Presentations

(click on presenters picture to view session description)

JJ Virgin

Hidden Sugars That Are Secretly Making You Fat

Dr. Eric Cobb

How to Use Your Nervous System to Solidify Good Habits

Dr. Izabella Wentz

How to Free Yourself of Hashimoto’s and Sluggish Weight

Christa Orrechio

The 5-Step Gut Healing Plan to Go From Sugar Burner to Fat Burner

Shawna Kaminski

How to Gamefy Your Workouts to Burn More Fat In Less Time

Brad Pilon

How To Lose More Fat (And Improve Your Health) With Intermittent Fasting

plus, these two bonus presentations!

Dr. Sara Gottfried

How to Save Your Hormones

Dr. Peter Osborne

The Fat Loss

Ben Greenfield

How Cold
Helps You
Burn More Fat

Jonathan Bailor

Why Calories
Don’t Really

Chris Lopez

Secret Russian Training Principles That Speed Fat Loss and Build Strength

Jon Gabriel

How to Use Visualization to Create the Body of Your Dreams

Shaun Hadsall

How Carb Cycling Can Speed Fat Loss

Dr. Alan Christianson

Your Body’s Master
Fat Loss Switch

Tyler Bramlett

Super Simple

Kelly Starrett

The Deskbound Dilemma: How Your Chair is Making You Fat

Brian St. Pierre

Making Fat
Loss Nutrition

Vince Delmonte

5 True Confessions
of A Professional
Fitness Model

Craig Ballantyne

The Skinny on Cardio, Interval Training, and the Afterburn Effect

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Gut, Inflammation, and Stubborn Weight Gain

Dr. Josh Axe

Heal Your Gut,
Shed The Fat

Dan Ritchie, PhD

How to Lose Fat
and Stay Strong
As You Age

Abel James

How to Eat
Your Way Thin
And Healthy

Krista Scott-Dixon

Small Habits
That Create
Big Results

Eric Wong

The Coveted Fat Loss Training Secrets of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

Dr. Isaac Jones

How to Lose
40 Pounds
in 40 Days

If You Think You’ll Miss a Presentation…

Or if you want to watch to the sessions again later…
Or if you want to share the sessions with a friend or a family member
Or if you want to be able to download these sessions to your computer…

You Will Be Able To Access These Presentations (And More Fat Loss Goodies) For Life When You Upgrade to Our One-Time Special “Fat Loss Accelerator” Package

Since you just registered for the Fat Loss Summit, I want to thank and reward you by doing something really special for you – right here and right now…

I understand that life can get pretty hectic at times, which means you might miss a presentation or two during the summit…

Hey, I’ve got 3 little boys and a lot going on…so I get it.

I can also tell you that each presentation is loaded with numerous “AHAs” that could make a big difference in how you eat, exercise, and live – all of which will help you lose weight and create the health and body you deserve.

I would hate for you to miss any of this wisdom.


You may also want to revisit each presentation (after it’s 24-hour free viewing) OR even benefit from the audios, transcripts, 1-page presentation summaries, or specific fat loss action plans,…

And you can get all of that – and more…

When you invest in the Fat Loss Summit’s “Fat Loss Accelerator Package” right now.

Doing so, will you give you INSTANT and LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the presentations (and much more)…giving you the wisdom, strategies, and action plans that you’ll enjoy in this summit.

When you invest Fat Loss Accelerator Package right now, you’ll be able to download the sessions – allowing you to share them with friends, listen to the experts while you’re on the go, and listen into the sessions over and over again to maximize your knowledge gained from this event.

Remember, normally, you can only listen to these presentations during the time they are broadcasted in their 24-hour viewing window.

If you want to listen to them AFTER the 24 hours are up (and get some more amazing fat loss bonuses), you can only do so by investing in the Fat Loss Accelerator Package.

And here’s the best part:

I’ll be honest with you….this Fat Loss Accelerator Package will be on SALE during the summit, after which it will only be available at a higher price…

Yet, right here on this page, I’d like to give you a BIG DISCOUNT when you grab the Fat Loss Accelerator Package right now.

It’s my of rewarding you for being a fast action taker and proving that you’re truly committed to burning fat and keeping it off – once and for all.

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